About Scott Goff

I was born here and have lived in Albuquerque the majority of my life.


I started my real estate career as a broker about 12 years ago.  I began buying houses in 2005 and have assembled a team for buying and rehabbing properties.


I can only buy your house from you if it makes sense for me to do it, but I have been able to help many people over the years.  If I buy your house from you it should be a WIN-WIN situation.  You are able to sell your house for a price that works for you and then move on with your life.  I buy your house then spend some time, money, and effort making updates and making the home ready to pass all the difficult inspections that most mortgages (and home buyers) want.  At the end of it all, a new family moves into the home to enjoy it.


It won't hurt to call and find out if I can help you.  If I can't buy your house I might be able to help you in some other way.  So call me:  Scott Goff (505)944-5131.


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