Top 5 reasons people sell for Cash

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Here are the top 5 reasons people sell their house to me quickly for cash. I'm just going off the cuff here (not a scientific poll or anything approaching that).

1) Behind on Payments - folks sell thier Albuquerque area house to me because they have fallen behind on payments and have decided the want to salvage thier credit and not have to face foreclosure or a drawn out short sale that may prolong the drama and still ruin thier credit.

2) Inhertiance of a property - people sometimes will inherit a house or other type of property. This is a good thing, right? It certainly could be, but many times the property comes with repairs or montly payments that the heir cannot afford. So they sell to me for cash.

3. Too many repairs needed - a few repairs that someone never gets around to tend to multiply. And over a few years of neglecting a home, it can become intimidating and cost prohibitive to think of trying to get a house ready to sell. Especially in this day and age when inspectors and home buyers nit pick you home to death before the sale ultimately goes through and you get your money. So they sell to me for cash and let me worry about all the repairs and inspectors.

4. "I need to sell my house now!" - Things happen in life and sometimes folks just have to sell the house fast due to divorce, life change, medical problems, family issues. If this is the case for you, I may be able to help you.

5. Need to move - People need to move quickly for a variety of reasons: Job change, family needs, they already found a new house they want to move to, they are moving to another part of the country, they need the money to start a business, etc. Let's discuss your needs/ goals. I hope to be able to help you.

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