Do you really have the money to buy my house for cash?

Cash house buyer Albuquerque

It's a valid question because there are a lot of people out there saying they can buy your house for cash, but when it comes down to it they are trying to use someone else's money and make a profit for themselves as the middle man. We have these type of people call us on a regular basis saying they have a house under contract and then try to sell or "assign" the property to us. Sometimes everything works out for the seller in these type of situations. And if it works out , all well and good. But many times when they it comes down to closing, their "money person" falls through. Since they buyer does not really have the money to buy your house, they don't close on the property and you have to start all over again with a new investor.

I do have the resources to buy a house from you for cash without having to borrow from a private lender. It's a good idea to ask whoever you making a deal with to show you a "proof of funds"....a bank statement or a letter from a bank etc. It is stressful enough to sell a house or other property. Make sure that the person you are selling it to can really buy it. If you need to sell a property quickly in the Albuquerque area, please call me to discuss it: Scott Goff 505-944-5131. Or send me an inquiry here.


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