I bought an ugly house today

I bought an ugly house Albuquerque

Take a look at this beauty. It has a tarp on the roof keeping the water out. The stucco has been painted but it is all pealing off. Everything on the interior needs to be remodeled. The kitchen cabinets are falling apart. The bathroom is ugly. The hardwood floors are discolored and need refinishing. It has multiple swamp cooers sticking in windows. The windows are mostly not operating and there is some broken glass. Shall I go on? It needs help. But that is what I do. I buy houses for cash from people that do not have the will or the time or the money to fix them. Please call me if you would like to discuss a house, commercial property, duplex, triplex, fourplex or other type of apartment complex that you would like to sell as-is. I buy houses and other property all over the Albuquerque area. My name is Scott Goff 505-944-5131. Or send me an inquiry here.


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