Do you buy houses without Utilities on?


Do you have a house that is missing gas, electrical, or water meter(s)? If you would like to sell you house, it is an expensive chore to have the meters re-installed by the different utility companies. Many times the gas company wants a mercury test done on the gas lines before they will reinstall the meter. the electrical company will require that an Electrician bring the service panel up to code (which usually means a new panel and service) before they will install a new meter. And the water company will require that all back water bills be paid up before they will install a new water meter. I buy houses with missing meters. After I buy the house for cash from you I will hire the right contractors to make upgrades and bring things up to code so that the utility companies will re-install the meters. Without meters and active utilities, it is impossible to have a full home inspection completed which buyers almost always will want. I can buy your house quickly in as-is condition and take away these problems for you. Give me a call and we can discuss these issues. I might be able to help you.

Scott Goff - 505-944-5131. Or send me an inquiry here.

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