What if I have tax liens on my property?

If you have tax liens on your property, I may still be able to buy the property from you. We will need to have my Title person do a title search on your property which will uncover any tax liens, mortgages or anything else that "clouds" the title and will allow the title company to provide title insurance.

Most liens can be paid off at closing when I buy the property from you. If they happen to be large amounts, we will just need to make sure that the agreed upon price for your property will pay off all the amounts liens against the property leaving enough cash left over for you to meet your goals. Call me to discuss. I am glad to talk through your situation and see if I can help you. I buy Albuquerque area houses and other property. I can buy the quickly if needed. I can be reached at 505-944-5131. Or you can send me an inquiry on my Contact Page.



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