Need to sell you Albuquerque house fast?

Sell house fast Albuquerque - Scott Goff

I buy Albuquerque homes quick.

Call me if you would like me to give you a cash offer. If you need to close sell quickly I can make it happen. If you are not in a time crunch, I can work with whatever schedule you have.

I have the money to purchase your house for cash. I am not one of those companies who does not actually buy your house but makes themselves a "middle-man" and collects a fee to pass it along to someone else (sometimes called a wholesaler) . If you sign a contract with someone like this and they do not actually find someone that will purchase your house, they may not actually close on the property.

Call me to discuss your situation, and let me see if I can help you. Scott Goff 505-944-5131

Or fill out an inquiry form on my contact tab.

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