Sell your Albuquerque house for cash

Sell you Albuquerque house fast for cash Scott Goff

If you have a house, apartment building, commercial building, office building, or other property in Albuquerque that you need to sell call me at 505-944-5131. I can give you a quick quote for a cash purchase of your property. Then I can work with you on what your needs are as far as fast closing or by giving you the time you need before we close. Call me an I can try to answer all the questions that might be popping in to your head. My goal is to make the process of selling your property smooth without having to make a bunch of repairs or doing updates to the property. I will buy the property as-is. You can take the information I give you and make the best choice for you. It may make sense for you to sell the house or other property to me or it may it might be in your best interest to make repairs and updates yourself and sell with a Realtor on the MLS. Call me to discuss your situation - Scott Goff 505-944-5131. Or send me an inquiry on my contact tab.

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